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Where Have We Been?

By November 4, 2021Our Insights

As humans in 2021, the first thing we all do when checking out a new company or brand is track down their social media pages. If we see there haven’t been many posts, let alone any recent ones, we consider that a red flag.

And it makes sense. We like to see a company’s engagement on social media. It shows a commitment to their brand and to their loyal base as well as future customers or clients.

So, when a full-service communications company like Insight Communications that specializes in things like public relations and branding takes a hiatus from prioritizing its social media presence, an explanation is warranted.

At Insight, we, of course, recognize the role social media plays in our industry as well as in life in general. However, over the past few years, we turned our focus inward.

There has been a lot of behind-the-scenes work going on and we’ve been giving our full attention to our clients and their needs, as well as growing our team.

We’ve also been busy developing our own new branding and have been taking time to reflect on where Insight has been on its journey so far and where it’s going in the future.

We are committed to growing and maintaining our social media presence and basing that presence on our insightful credo: “The reason for our success is the trust we’ve built with our clients. And we’ve established that trust through our integrity — our steadfast commitment to creating a better community for all.”

We are being thoughtful and intentional about where our time, energy and attention goes. For us, that focus goes to our clients and our commitment to our values, and we want our social media posts to reflect that.

It’s important for every company and brand to find the rhythm that fits them best when it comes to social media presence, and we want to find that sweet spot so that people are interested in following us not because of the volume of our posts, but because of the insight we’re sharing with them.

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