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Thoughtful Branding: How Insight’s New Brand was Created

By December 29, 2021December 31st, 2021Our Insights

There are several components to creating a brand. The two major ones are the name and the other is the mark everyone will associate with the brand. In 2021 we courageously changed both. We asked ourselves, who are we in this world? What do we truly represent? What is our purpose? What separates us from others? What resonates with us, and what doesn’t?

We became Insight Communications – an agency with the mission to intuitively and accurately understand people, cultures, and communities by collaborating with C-level executives, organizations, community stakeholders, and elected officials to collaborate, capture opportunities and solve complex communication challenges. Our work aims to raise awareness of causes, services, and products that benefit our community and the environment in which we exist. “I am saying goodbye to cookie-cutter communication, thoughts, and relationships,” Sabina Ramsey, Insight Communications Founder, and CEO said. “We are moving forward embracing our research, consultancy, and leadership background, standing solid in our capabilities of executing brands, communication, and technology projects with the world as our playing ground.” She continues: “We will place a great deal of time and thought, diving deeper into learning about issues and staying open to new ways of thinking.”

We also put great thought and effort into our logo mark along with the name change. A logo and overall design scheme of a brand are ways to connect with the community, whether it’s a client, passerby on the street, or someone looking online. The visual representation should resonate with people and give them a sense of what the brand stands for, even without words.

“Our new logo is not only something that looks good; every line in this logo matters,” Sabina said. ‘We wanted it to be a thoughtful expression of what we value and the work we represent; people, insight, growth, connection, community, and communication. So both the name and the mark itself has depth and meaning”.

Sabina also wanted to incorporate her heritage into the visual execution of her brand.

The Insight logo emulates an ancient, runic alphabet.

The Insight logo was inspired by the runic alphabet.

Thus, an ancient writing system inspired by the runic alphabet and its morphology of lines, squares, and triangles, was emulated. Circles were added even though they aren’t frequent in the old Scandinavian way of writing, but they helped to remove the rough look by means of symmetry and smooth curves, giving it a softer, warmer look.





The logo’s geometric design is one thing. It then needed to be brought to life with colorful vibrancy. The colors used in Insight’s logo, website, and overall brand, were also chosen with great intentionality.

Insight’s main color is red cranberry with the secondary colors of white and blueberry. Red cranberry is the color o Authority, but it’s also kind due to its subtle pink hue. t’s a color of authority but is also warm due to its subtle pink hue. It gives off energy and a modern, futuristic sensation when it’s working with large, white spaces. Blue blueberry is the complementary color, it an elegant and communicates wisdom, experience, and intelligence. Together the colors give contrast and balance. A color like this could be overwhelming, but when used in the right spaces with the right balance, it works. It’s strong, warm, and inviting.

A meaningful name with a logo mark and color scheme that sounds and looks good are integral parts of a successful brand. But, beyond that, knowing that our brand has meaning inspires. Sabina concludes: “The most critical aspect of a brand is what it stands for. So we reflected and went through an excruciating creative process. But, in the end, it was all worth it. Knowing thyself is liberating, and we can’t wait to continue on the path we are on.”

The Construction of the Brand

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