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The Insight Behind Insight: Components of Our Brand

By October 22, 2021October 25th, 2021Our Insights
Sabina Ramsey, Principal, Insight Communication LLC

Like a puzzle, there are numerous pieces of our brand here at Insight Communications that fit together to make one larger picture that’s both cohesive and stunning.

But, also like a puzzle, building a brand takes time, patience, focus and dedication.

Founder and CEO Sabina Ramsey started the agency in 2008, when it was initially called Insight International USA LLC before eventually being rebranded as Insight Communications in 2021.

What started as a one-woman show is now a full-service communications company and diverse brand and team. Ramsey built this all on both Swedish and American values and has remained true to her home culture’s commitment to humility, hard work, teamwork, and innovation, all while adopting the American “can-do” spirit.

The Vision

Sawrie Becker, the former Commissioner for the Erie County Commission on the Status of Women, worked with Sabina when she was taking Insight from an idea to what it is now, and Sawrie was instrumental in helping Sabina shape Insight’s focus and direction.

Sabina engaged Sawrie’s services at SBB Life Coaching to work with her as she developed her emerging business. This included focused “strategic business planning” sessions which resulted in a clear vision for Insight reinforced by short term and long-term goals and action steps.

“My experience working with Sabina was very positive and engaging,” Sawrie said. “Sabina is a visionary and creative thinker and by using the original ‘strategic business plan’ that she commissioned in the early stages of her business growth as a north star, she has successfully achieved the lofty goals and vision she envisioned. Insight is now poised for a new, even more audacious level of achievement.”

Despite the challenges that come with being a self-made entrepreneur, Sabina has always had vision, and she’s no stranger to hard work – she was raised by a single mother. She also knows what struggle is, having to navigate a daily battle living with type 1 diabetes, and it has shaped her view about living life to the fullest and creating solid, authentic relationships.

As a woman, mother, and immigrant, Sabina has always had her work cut out for her, but she has led Insight to where it is now, founded on the beliefs of building a sustainable Western New York with vibrant, connected neighborhoods; supporting businesses that work diligently and strive for success just as we do; amplifying the voices of all people and embracing new perspectives; preserving and sharing our rich history while working toward a brighter tomorrow; empowering others through education that sparks self-sufficiency, innovation and entrepreneurship; and promoting health and wellness — physical, mental, emotional, financial, and environmental.

When Insight was first founded, the core values at the center of the company were connection, clarity, integrity, creativity, and authenticity. Additional values have been added over time, including collaboration. Collaboration has been vital to Sabina’s journey.

“Women have been extremely supportive since early on in my journey,” she said. “NAWBO (National Association of Women Business Owners) played an instrumental role in challenging me as a business owner initially on my journey.”

Sabina also credits women who have been tremendously supportive along the way, including Jennifer Parker, owner of Jackson Parker Communications, who connected Sabina further with valuable stakeholders in the community, and showed her what strength, leadership, generosity, and creativity truly looks like. There’s also Sandy White, owner of Mustard Seed World Group, who she got to know working on one of her first projects in Western New York for the UB Center of Urban Studies, in the Highland Community of Niagara Falls in 2008. Lisa Napier o WNY Media House connected Sabina through many of her projects supporting organizations like Willy Hutch Jones after school programs.

These are only a few who have made Insight to what it is today. It feels unfair to highlight only a few, because there are so many business owners (women and men) who found something unique in us to push us forward.

Sabina’s work and vision with Insight resulted in her being the recipient of the 2020 New York State Entrepreneur of the Year Award from the New York State Entrepreneurship Assistance Centers for achieving economic growth and stability, expanding employment opportunities, and playing a vital role in community development. She also serves on multiple boards and committees in the community.

She lives her brand’s values and believes in spending a lot of time volunteering, including at the Highland Clubhouse in Niagara Falls and with the Buffalo Police Explorers, as it allows her to stay connected to the community. Her boots-on-the-ground approach gives her a unique perspective of seeing how things really are in the communities she cares about and works with, allowing her and the team at Insight to ensure our clients’ various communications needs are successfully being met.

The Work Speaks for Itself

Over the years, the vision and values at Insight have led the team to work alongside companies and organizations of every kind, helping them to lunch their brands, design a new look, or navigate a big change.

Right at the beginning of Insight, Sabina worked with Larry Stitts, the founder of Golden Cup Coffee, and he trusted Sabina to develop his brand from scratch. She helped create the business strategy, logo, packaging, and other aspects of his now well-established brand distributed through chains like Wegmans.

“The process was great,” Larry said. “She helped us create our brand and we’re still with that branding today. It’s still very refreshing even 10, 12 years later.”

Larry said Sabina and Insight continue to be there for him if he needs something and that the working relationship is great.

“I recommend Sabina to anybody if they need a brand or need help,” he said. “She is such a nice person, and we work well together.”

Insight Communications also worked with Rebecca Brady, the “Top Seed” and founder of Top Seedz, when she was launching her brand and company in 2017. Top Seedz hand-makes seed crackers and roasted seeds and sells raw seeds and seed cracker mix. All the products are organic, gluten-free, vegan, and can be purchased on their website and in local grocery stores like Wegmans.

Brady said working with Insight was a fun experience and that the team was easy to get along with.

“It was really nice working with another female business owner,” Brady said of the partnership.

Insight worked with Brady on many facets of launching her brand, including name, logo design, packaging, key-messaging, and even pricing, among other things. The whole experience went well, Brady said, and one element in particular that came out of the partnership stands out in her mind.

“I really love the logo,” she said. “That’s the biggest result for me.”

These positive and successful results directly flow from the methods implemented at Insight, as those who have worked with Sabina and Insight can attest.

Marijke Kemble is an executive coach and has worked with Sabina in various capacities, including serving together as colleagues on committees or volunteering in other ways. She said the way Insight operates combines the best of the left and right brains.

“Sabina and Insight bring an interesting blend of logical, organized business sense with creative flair and a sense of being a little playful, curious and experimental,” Marijke said.

Assembling the team

Sabina has built a solid team to help execute her vision as well as the wide range of services that Insight provides, including strategic communications, branding, and user research.

“The team is extremely important,” Sabina said. “I am very grateful for those who chose to be a part of the Insight team over the last decade. Each one contributed tremendous value and are a part of the success that you see today.”

She strives to bring in people from diverse backgrounds and cultures because she believes that collaboration and learning from each other brings additional value.

Aside from wanting to hire people from all walks of life, Ramsey wanted professionals who are truly experts in their fields. She recognizes and appreciates the various talents of each team member and how they can help Insight grow and succeed.

By building the team up in this way, Insight can approach each client and project in a well-rounded, expert manner, leading to proven success.

Ongoing Insight

All of these components – leadership, the team, the vision, the clientele and the message – work together to make Insight Communications what it is.

Today, Insight is a comprehensive communications company providing services that are proven to work, including strategy, public relations, branding, storytelling, digital marketing, web development, user research, and more.

Standing on the work that’s already been completed, is currently in the works, and is yet to come, Insight Communications is poised for big things. Our journey continues, and we’d love to work with you along the way.