WNY Women’s Foundation

Building a Better Community for Women & Girls

As the Women’s Foundation had spent a few years strategically building their organization with critical components like creating community partnerships, the leadership team wanted to create an annual report that reflected future steps in building a better community for women and girls. They wanted to engage their community of donors and simplify the messaging and layout of the report.

The aim with this report was to illustrate what the organization had done in the previous year. The information within the editorial would set the stage for future projects the organization was planning such as “All In” and “Pathways to Progress.” Insight provided the organization with in depth ideas for how the organization could communicate all different elements strategically in the digital environment. For example, Insight, provided inbound marketing tactics that the WNY Women’s Foundation could use to attract more like-minded individuals to become donors or get involved with their initiatives.

Insight developed a report that highlighted the building blocks the organization had identified to be successful going forth. Throughout the brochure each page had its own building block: We Advocate, We Lead, We Empower, We Invest, We Research and Educate, and We Celebrate Women. Each block was also illustrated in an infographic. Photos selected for the annual report featured local women who have advocated for WNY Women’s Foundation and its mission. An essential part of the report was not only to highlight the financials, but also all the donors who had contributed to the organization the past year that have allowed them to make a difference in the community.

The report was sent both digitally and through direct mail. Insight created an engaging envelope based on the overall strategic communication plan to create an experience for those receiving the report in the mail.