Triad Healthcare Recruiting

Better Leaders. Better Care.

BizWin Strategies came to Insight to create a new brand for their healthcare division – Triad Healthcare Recruiting. They were growing substantially in this market under BizWin Strategies, but had the desire to focus their efforts on creating a unique offering for healthcare organizations and their specific needs. Competitive research, half day sessions and qualitative interviews were completed with BizWin’s leadership team to understand their unique vision, core values and value proposition.

The discovery phase allowed Insight to learn what set Triad Healthcare Recruiting apart in their field of recruiting. We understood that their approach was completely unique from other recruiting companies on the market. For example, data illustrated that their internally developed technology allowed them to recruit much faster than competitors. After consideration, we thought this discovery demanded special attention. Triad Healthcare Recruiting’s technology was therefore given the name T-Mapping™ (Talent Mapping) to easily identify it as a differentiator.

At the same time, we were struck by the company’s compassion and willingness to work together with their clients to achieve their organization’s goals, stemming from their experience within the healthcare field. Through our conversations, a unique process had surfaced. Insight named and packaged this unique recruitment solution model as “Performance Together™.” Beyond bringing life to their unique recruitment solution model, the communication strategy for the brand was to give priority to patients, leaders, and providers. Triad Healthcare Recruiting’s philosophy is that better leaders within healthcare at every level will lead to better care for patients, which influenced the creation of the tagline, “Better Leaders. Better Care.”

The developed logo is a visually compelling representation of the three pillars of focus for Triad Healthcare Recruiting. The Healthcare Providers, Patients and Staff are the three “arms” that intertwine to create a triangle. These three groups personify the healthcare community that Triad Healthcare Recruiting serves and truly cares about. The brochure was designed to highlight each pillar through their specified icon, color and photography. The healthcare industry is expressive in emotion, therefore we chose photos that illustrated the compassionate, trustworthy individuals Triad recruits to fit a hospital’s values and needs.

As the brand was expressed in Triad Healthcare Recruiting’s new logo, brochure and website, the leadership team needed assistance crafting success stories around their achievements. Six unique case studies were developed and told based on the new Performance Together™ recruiting solution model. These case studies combined with the model has allowed Triad Healthcare Recruiting to streamline their sales process in a simple but effective way that helps them get from consultation to contract quickly.