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The challenge

As one of Brooklyn’s largest community-based organizations, CAMBA, Inc. offers over 160 programs to individuals and families in Brooklyn and beyond. Several of these programs, including the Neighborhood Development Area Program (NDA 3), are directed toward youth. 

Historically, CAMBA had experienced low enrollment rates in this program — which helps high school students succeed in STEM subjects, particularly math and science — as well as in several of their other youth-focused initiatives. To improve enrollment and participation in these important programs, CAMBA needed a marketing partner to help them launch a campaign involving branding and videography that would educate, engage and excite their target audience.

Key research

Just like with any science project, a successful campaign begins with foundational research, and we needed to better understand the motivations of this youth audience. What tactics could help build that essential emotional connection that is key to driving action? We also needed to develop a narrative — identifying and incorporating key messages that would inspire students to 1) participate in the videos, which would star local youth, and 2) share and promote the clips on social media. Our goal was to create a “movement” that both current and potential NDA 3 participants could latch onto and feel passionate about — so they could then share that passion with others in their community.

Testing the hypothesis

Based on our research, we next needed to put our strategic plan into action and test the outcomes. Our plan was multifaceted, including tactics such as:

  • Restrategizing and enhancing CAMBA’s NDA 3 website landing page
  • Producing 5–8 video shorts along with graphics and images to be featured across campaign collateral
  • Developing social media posts, banners and paid ads, customized to each channel’s platform and audience
  • Implementing an email campaign and template, along with mailing out postcards to encourage the target audience to sign up for email updates
  • Creating flyers and posters to share across the community

Then, once these tactics were launched, we completed ongoing analysis, including monthly social media reach and engagement reports, making adjustments where needed based on CAMBA’s unique campaign goals.