Millennium Collaborative Care

Improving the Delivery of Healthcare

The Delivery System Reform Incentive Payment Plan (DSRIP) is Governor Andrew Cuomo’s initiative to restructure and reinvest in the healthcare delivery of Medicaid across New York State. As the identified Performing Provider System in Western New York, Millennium Collaborative Care needed help communicating and delivering information in a clear, concise and visually appealing way to a diverse set of audiences. Jackson Parker Communications, a Public Relations firm, lead the project and invited Insight on as their branding and design partner. Findings that were uncovered during the initial discovery phase would dictate the strategy for the project. Although this state-wide project would benefit the patient in the end, the initial focus for the organization was developing messaging that would attract healthcare partners who would be working in a coalition with the initiative. For Millennium Collaborative Care, it was important to come across as a catalyst, instead of a leader.

In this stage the strategy and initial key messaging for the project was formulated. An internal brand brief considering the organization’s mission of “igniting healthcare change in Western New York, by partnering with physicians, healthcare providers and community-based organizations to improve the delivery of health care for Medicaid patients ” was developed to guide the logo development and design work. The organization identified five focus areas in their communication efforts: Acute Care, Ambulatory Services, Behavioral Health, Community Engagement, and Post-acute Care. Messages that communicated the organization’s positive change in the community was emphasized.

Based on the initial discovery about the brand and the strategic vision that was set forth, Insight created a logo that communicated the organization’s desire of “Igniting Healthcare Change in Western New York.” In addition, Insight developed a visual identity that could create consistency throughout all their marketing and communication initiatives.

To be able to communicate what Millennium Collaborative Care was setting out to do more in-depth, a 24 page brochure was created. Beyond the key messages photos communicated themes like “hope”, “collaboration”, and “care”. In addition, infographics explained the benefits of creating a patient centric model.

To speak more specifically on Millennium Collaborative Care’s focus areas, Insight created information sheets that highlighted the organization’s five priorities. Substantial time was also devoted creating a website targeting healthcare partners. The website was built in a way that each area could be managed and updated by an internal director.

As the brand started to develop and take shape through the organization’s website and collateral pieces, we helped Jackson Parker Communication and Millennium Collaborative Care plan initiatives that could further engage their target audience. We helped create a video consistent with the overall messaging and visual brand. Social media engagement tactics were implemented at local events and email marketing templates as well as other items were developed in conjunction with the organization.