Jeca Energy Bars and Cookies

Travel the World in One Bite

Jeca Energy Bars and Cookies came to Insight with the mission of developing their brand. We started out by establishing the brand’s values, personality and target audiences. We envisioned her target audiences being health conscious foodies looking to stay healthy on the go, like professionals, travelers, athletes – people who are open to new experiences and global flavors. Key benefits that the company wanted to highlight were that their products are: dairy-free, have no artificial ingredients, are minimally processed, loaded with oats, nuts, seeds and other nutritionally dense ingredients. In other words, Jeca’s Energy Bars and Cookies are “more than a snack, it’s an experience” with intriguing global flavors.
After going through the discovery phase and researching possible pathways for Jeca Energy Bars and Cookies, we felt it was important to set this product apart from other healthy products on the market. Therefore, a decision was made to focus on the products’ global flavors. These flavors had significant importance to the founder of the brand, who is originally from South Korea. We envisioned the brand’s personality and voice to be open, accepting, youthful, joyous, vibrant, honest, and caring. The tagline we developed to reflect this personality was: “Travel the world in one bite.” This would spark some intrigue while supporting the company’s mission to create convenient, great-tasting, and all-natural energy snacks that support healthy lifestyles while embracing global flavors.

Focusing on the global feel of the brand, our design team was inspired to use patterns and colors from each featured region around the world, highlighting cultural expressions and cityscapes. The Jeca logo is a simple and contemporary approach to display how less is more in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle. The fragmented letters within the logo express the importance of less ingredients and how certain things can be taken out of typical cookies and bars to make them healthier. In developing the packaging for the project, we were required to stay within certain parameters to create the type of experience the client was looking for. They wanted to showcase the cookies and bars in a clear wrap, which led to us developing a unique wrap around label that included an extension of the cookie as part of the design.

Insight created the necessary strategic tools for Jeca Energy Bars and Cookies to engage their audiences in the marketplace.