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Bringing Innovative Ways to Improve Community Health

A healthy community is one that thrives — and the Create a Healthier Niagara Falls Collaborative works to bring opportunities for the community to improve their health in mind, body, and spirit. They came to us looking for a communications partner who could help them spread the word about their initiatives, draw participation, and connect with other local organizations with similar missions. Throughout our work with the Collaborative, we have drawn media attention to various events the Collaborative has hosted, which has helped bring eager crowds looking for fun and innovative ways to get healthy and connect with others in the community. We have also created an email newsletter that shares new programs, initiatives, and events with the community. Other efforts have included social media marketing, graphic design, print advertising, annual report, and more. Throughout the process, the Collaborative has been able to grow their impact in the community, host larger events and programs, and truly see the impact that their work has had on creating a healthier Niagara Falls.

Sample of Our PR Efforts

Collaboration Is Key

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