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Our Team’s Favorite Halloween Costumes Are…

By October 22, 2021October 25th, 2021Our Insights

Behind every good brand there’s a great team making it all happen! Get to know the people of Insight Communications, including information about their education and professional backgrounds, as well as the best Halloween costume they’ve ever worn, in honor of the upcoming spooky holiday. You can also read

more about them at

Sabina Ramsey, Founder & CEO

About Sabina: A lifelong and self-made entrepreneur, Sabina was the recipient of the 2020 New York State Entrepreneur of the Year Award from the New York State Entrepreneurship Assistance Centers for achieving economic growth and stability, expanding employment opportunities, and playing a vital role in community development.

What she likes most about her work at Insight: “I love that we have the ear of clients and the freedom to be innovative and create new opportunities and ways of thinking for our clients. I enjoy that we are in an ever-changing environment and constantly learn new things. I also appreciate the friendships made within the team and through our work.”

Her #1 goal at Insight: “To always deliver a value-added, trusted, and high-quality service to our clients at the same time as we take the company to the ‘next level.’ I can feel it is happening as I represent Insight in the community. I am humble by the support from past, current, and future clients.”

Favorite Halloween costume: Madeleine Swann, in “007 No Time to Die”.


Rachel Costanzo, Social Media Strategist

About Rachel: Rachel graduated from Villa Maria College with a bachelor’s degree in graphic design. She utilizes her penchant for design to create social media campaigns that address clients’ unique goals, and she continually analyzes data and performance to refine content strategy.

What she likes most about her work at Insight: “I love the environment of the company and how I can always try new things for different clients to see how they like it and I feel like I am always learning new skills and techniques as well!”

Her #1 goal at Insight: “My goals for Insight are, on a day-to-day basis, organizing our clients and making sure we know all the tasks and organizing all due dates. On a long-term basis, I would love to gain more clientele and to extend our reach to all of New York state and further!”

Favorite Halloween costume: “I dressed as Wonder Woman. That was the best because I also dressed up my dogs, Brandi as a fairy and Romeo as a monster!”


Kristi Runyan, Content Developer

About Kristi: Kristi is an award-winning journalist who has been writing for newspapers and magazines for more than a decade. Some of her stories have been picked up by the Associated Press and pushed out to publications around the world, including NPR, The Daily Mail, and more. She uses her writing, editing and communications skills to create content for Insight and our clients, and takes great pride in being an effective storyteller.

What she likes most about her work at Insight: “I’m fairly new to the team, but so far, I love that I get to use my talent and passion for writing to add flair to the content we produce.”

Her #1 goal at Insight: “I want to take Insight’s written content, whether it’s a press release, social media post, blog, newsletter, or what have you, to the next level by maintaining our commitment to accuracy and adding my own storytelling prowess to make everything we put out there engaging.”

Favorite Halloween costume: “With 3 young kids, most of my Halloween efforts go to their costumes. But in 2019, I was heavily pregnant with my third child, and I wore a short, hot pink bob wig and a shirt that said, ‘Oops! I did it again!’ in a tribute to Britney Spears and the fact that I was having yet another baby.”


David Caya, Digital Media Specialist

About David: While David loves the craft of filmmaking, it’s the collaborative teamwork aspect that makes it his passion. With bachelor’s degrees in cinema and human development from Binghamton University, he spent a couple of years working as a video journalist for WBNG-TV 12 News before joining Insight. One of his first tasks with Insight was shooting a stakeholder meeting with the Mayor of Niagara Falls.

What he likes most about his work at Insight: “I am beyond excited to apply my love for filmmaking to a new setting and learn more about the communications field. Working with small creative teams gives me an energy unmatched by anything in my life.”

His #1 goal at Insight: Having just been hired, I feel like the sky is the limit with what I can accomplish here. It’s funny, my goals for filmmaking remain exactly the same with Insight as they are for my independent projects. No matter what, I strive to make every video project stand out among others. I never try to make anything that looks exactly how another filmmaker has made something. That is a goal that I know will be carried through my entire video production career.

Favorite Halloween costume: Garbed in a Walkman and headphones from the 80s with the official “Awesome Mix Vol. 1” on cassette, a long red leather coat (which was an unbelievable thrift store find), and a plastic mask, I’d say my favorite Halloween costume I’ve worn has to be Star Lord from Guardians of the Galaxy. I was joined by my wife dressed as Gamora.


Nora Ramsey, MSLIS, Research Specialist

About Nora: Nora is trained in the complex study of information science – the intersection of data, information literacy, and information management. She earned a bachelor’s degree from SUNY Fredonia and a Master of Science in Library and Information Sciences from Syracuse University and is currently pursuing another’s master’s degree from Newcastle University.

What she likes most about her work at Insight: “I love the creativity of the team and getting exposed to new ideas throughout western New York.”

Her #1 goal at Insight: “I work on a range of investigative projects, but my current goal is to reorganize company files, so they are more cohesive and accessible. ”

Favorite Halloween costume: “Velma from Scooby Doo!”


Sara Norrevik, PhD, Market Analyst

About Sara: Sara is a research scientist who specializes in gathering essential insights from both quantitative and qualitative data. She came to the U.S. after being awarded a Fulbright scholarship in 2015 to pursue her PhD in political science, which she earned from the University at Buffalo.

What she likes most about her work at Insight: “I enjoy the variety of projects that Insight works on, including private, public and nonprofit stakeholders at different stages of their marketing journey. Insight allows employees a good level of exploration and creativity in a fast-moving environment.”

Her #1 goal at Insight: One of my goals is to learn more about the industry and where my research skills are best applicable to marketing/communications, to support Sabina in taking the company to the next level.”

Favorite Halloween costume: “Wild West theme!”


Lisa Napier, Outreach & Media Buyer

About Lisa: Lisa has spent years in the nonprofit sector, including marketing, community engagement, outreach and volunteer management. A native Buffalonian, she has received extensive recognition in the community, including Public Broadcasting Service (PBS)’s national award for Volunteer Manager of the Year. In addition to her work with Insight, she owns WNY media House (MWBE), a boutique media buying and marketing agency.

What she likes most about her work at Insight: “I love working with Insight because of its leadership. Sabina has built a team that is creative, forward-thinking, and expert within the industry. She is always present and available, allowing us to do what we do best but forever at the helm to steer us back on course if needed.”

Her #1 goal at Insight: “My goal is to help the Insight client understand the value of a well-planned and negotiated media campaign. Many businesses send their finished products to the media and hope for the best.  Allowing Insight Communications to plan, purchase and monitor their advertisements is a value-added service that requires no additional fees above their advertising budget.”

Favorite Halloween costume: “I haven’t dressed for Halloween since I was 10. I would instead enjoy making a delicious homemade pumpkin-shaped butter cookie with glace icing!”


Joe Zgoda, Senior Graphic Designer

About Joe: Joe has 20 years of experience offering quality graphic design, branding and creative services for a diverse range of clients. He has exceptional experience in printing and signage, and in addition to now working with Insight, he is the owner and founder of Zgoda Design and Graphics, a creative studio focusing on building and driving brands.

What he likes most about his work at Insight: “I love the variety of projects that I can complete, as well as the trust each client has for the creative process and brand management. I can be creative in a smart way and further the growth of a client’s business. Through all of this, I can continue to learn, grow and challenge myself.”

His #1 goal at Insight: “My #1 goal for myself within Insight is to be the catalyst for greatness and success.”

Favorite Halloween costume: “My favorite Halloween costume was a handmade Ghostbuster outfit with my very own decorated cereal box as the booster pack. It was a family effort and I loved it.”


Severo Coutinho, Senior Programmer

About Severo: Severo has nearly a decade of experience building beautiful, functional, and user-friendly websites for clients. Hs diverse skillset allows him to take care of any need related to web design. His education is in economics, but he changed his career so he could spend more time with his family.

What he likes most about his work at Insight: “What I like the most is the pretty different challenges and projects that the company has.”

His #1 goal at Insight: “My goal is to help the company deliver a good service and increase its reputation.”

Favorite Halloween costume: “Halloween is pretty ‘small’ here in Portugal, so I don’t have anything to say here.”


Travis Springer, Graphic Designer

About Travis: A lifelong creative, Travis initially studied fashion at Villa Maria College before changing things up and graduating with a bachelor’s degree in graphic design. He wants to make a big impact through design, and his signature style includes bold typography, strategic implementation of color theory and a playful use of grid.

What he likes most about his work at Insight: “I like the freshness and uniqueness Insight has to offer.”

His #1 goal at Insight: “Every project I aim to exceed expectations so I can look back and be proud of the work I did both individually and collaboratively.”

Favorite Halloween costume: “Charlie Brown!”


Mary Finley-Blosat, Accountant

Mary is a self-employed accountant who has been an independent consultant with Insight since 2014. She works on all matters of business management and accounting, including payroll, human resources, and balancing accounts.

What she likes most about her work at Insight: The fact that Sabina is good at delegating tasks that she does not like, but that I am good at.

Her #1 goal at Insight: To make sure all administrative affairs are in order.

Favorite Halloween costume: “My Buffalo Bill’s gear. I wear it all year round.”

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