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Can a Brand Take a Stand?

By October 22, 2021October 25th, 2021Our Insights

In turbulent times in our society, can a brand take a stand? Should a brand take a stand? At Insight Communications, we say, “yes.”

Other brands have done this over the years, including Starbucks, Patagonia, and Target, to drop a few big names. According to the 2019 Edelman Trust Barometer, 53% of consumers agree that brands have a responsibility to get involved in social issues.

At Insight Communications, we believe it’s important to have a stance that aligns with our core values. When up against the issues facing us as a society, we believe in meeting these challenges head-on – respecting history and tradition while embracing new, inclusive ideas and blazing a new trail.

What drives us at Insight are our values – compassion, collaboration, creation, cutting edge, creativity, and character. These may seem like surface-level concepts, but our message is demonstrated by our work. We apply these values to the way we conduct business and in our ties and interactions with the community.

At Insight, it’s all about “and.” We are a team that’s creative and analytical. Thoughtful and fact-based. Supporting entrepreneurship and helping people. Our diverse team brings experience and expertise to the table from a variety of cultures and backgrounds to ensure we are covering all the bases at every step and seeing the big picture.

The stand we take is one that’s been cultivated over the years, thanks to Founder and CEO Sabina Ramsey’s blending of her Swedish and American experiences as a woman, mother, immigrant, and entrepreneur. She’s built a diverse team, a brand, and a portfolio that showcases a commitment to hard work, high quality, compassion and openness to change when needed. At Insight, we are unique, authentic, and human, and we want our principles to clearly showcase that at every turn.

Our values also allow us to be efficient and supportive so we can help our clients with whatever needs they may have, whether it’s public relations, communications, marketing, web design, or something else in our wheelhouse of talent and background.

The stand we take on issues, in general, isn’t a complicated one. At the end of the day, we care about creating better, healthier communities and building people up, and so do our clients. We believe openness and collaboration are key to understanding different viewpoints. When you take a stand, you attract others whose values align with yours. If our values sound like yours, let’s connect and get to work.

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